Pink Slip® Slide Sheet

A recyclable, affordable device for safe patient handling, the Pink Slip Slide Sheet, brings ease and comfort to patient transfer and repositioning.  The Pink Slip is a friction-reducing device with HD Poly Warm-Touch Technology and one of the lowest slip index ratings on the market. It simply glides, reducing skin shear and making lateral transfer and repositioning easier for patients and caregivers alike.

Pink Slip Frequently Asked Questions


The Pink Slip Slide Sheet is:

Reusable: designed to be reused with the same patient, reducing cross contamination risks.

High in User Compliance: individually packaged in a ready-to-use Stat Pak, the Pink Slip fits in a pocket or dispenser for immediate use.

Cost Effective: a fraction of the cost of ceiling track lift systems or air transfer technologies. No capital investment, no messy installation.

Completely Recyclable: a Resin Recycle Code of 2, and a tiny carbon footprint, the Pink Slip is an important part of any Green Initiative.

Designed for accessibility: wall-mounted dispensers hold up to 10 Pink Slips and help to promote user compliance.


3 Easy ways to order the Pink Slip®

Cardinal Health Owens & Minor Wy'East Medical Order Direct


Order # Description Quantity Dimensions
633010 Pink Slip® 1 Package (10 Pink Slip StatPaks)  33″ x 40″
633011 Pink Slip® (1 Case) 10 Packages (100 Pink Slip StatPaks)  33″ x 40″
 633115 Pink Slip® with Storage Pouch 1 Package (10 Pink Slip StatPaks) Pink Slip® 33″ x 40″
Storage Pouch 10″ x 13″
633114  Pink Slip® with Storage Pouch (1 Case) 10 Packages (100 Pink Slip StatPaks) Pink Slip®33″ x 40″ Storage Pouch 10″ x 13″
633026  Acrylic Dispenser 1 Dispenser  4″ x 5.5″ x 11″
633057 Docking Station 1 each  1.75″ x 3″